Sunday, September 15 5:24:17 pm:

Athletes and Parents:

Keep in mind that if you are going to miss practice for any reason you must notify Coach Landry as soon as possible via email ( or text.  

Our schedule for the upcoming week is as follows with all practices from 4:30 to 6:30 pm, except for Thursday:

Monday, 9/16:  Highland Rd. Park

Tuesday, 9/17:  Forest Park

Wednesday 9/18:  Highland Rd. Park

Thursday 9/19:  Practice at school from 3:15-4:45

Friday 9/20:  No practice.  Students in 7th hour will do a shake out run, athletes not in 7th hour should a 15 min. jog at home.

We want to remind our athletes that you are required to have a watch with a stopwatch on it at every practice.   Also, remember to put your mileage in on the website!  Keeping track of your workouts is an important part of the training process.   

Don't forget to do a long slow recovery run this weekend!

Varsity -70 minute easy jog

Upper Middle -60 minute easy jog

Lower Middle -40 minute easy jog 

If you haven't already done so please take a look at the meet sign up genius and see if you are able to help out in any way  We greatly appreciate any support that you are able to provide!

Just a reminder that our concession stand dates are out!  Our weeks are October 28-Nov. 1 and March 30-April 5.  Please be on the lookout for a signup genius requesting workers and items for the concession stand.  This is a great fundraiser for us and we appreciate any donation, whether it's your time or items to sell.  We will also be working the football concession stand on Friday, September 20.  An email was sent to our volunteers with more details earlier this week, thank you for volunteering your time!  


The PBS Cross Country Coaching Staff

Sunday, September 15 5:22:16 pm:


We enjoyed watching all of the athletes in the meet on Saturday and are proud of everyone!  Look for the results email that was sent out yesterday.

Our next meet is the Holy Cross/Dominican Invitational at City Park in New Orleans this Saturday, September 21, this will be a fast and flat course.  Race times are listed below please be sure to arrive to the team area at least one hour prior to your race.  We plan to set up under an oak tree and won't be setting up the team tent, but will have our flag out.

As a reminder, build in a cushion of time to accommodate for parking and traffic.  Parking at this meet is on the street or at a grass lot off of Diagonal Dr.

Holy Cross/Dominican Invitational – September 21, 2019

  6:45 a.m. Check-In/Pick-up Packet

  7:15 a.m. Girls  non-scored Elementary 1.5 miles (unlimited entries, up to 8th grade, non-registered athletes only) -no runners entered

  7:40 a.m. Boys non-scored Elementary 1.5 miles (unlimited entries, up to 8th grade, non-registered athletes only) -no runners entered

8:05 a.m. Girls & Boys Middle School/Junior High 2 miles (unlimited entries, up to 8th grade, non-registered athletes only) 

Madison Mannino, Caroline McCulloch, Grace Davis, Mary Lucile Badeaux, Emma Richard, Brinley Monistere, Konner Broussard, Evan Schmidt, Caleb Whipp, Reed Boudreaux, Ethan Delatte, Aiden Monistere, Jacob Ramey, Philip Lee, Mason Liner, Bruce Morello, Miles Moton, DJ Haney, Cooper Albright, Garrett Delatte, Preston Mannino

8:35 a.m. Girls Varsity 3 miles (limited to 12 entries, LHSAA registered athletes only)

Josie Whipp, Morgan King, Gracie Pepitone & Maggie Liner 

9:10 a.m. Boys Varsity - 3 miles (limited to 12 entries, LHSAA registered athletes only)

Wyatt Whipp

  9:45a.m. - Boys & Girls Junior Varsity - 2/3 miles (unlimited entries, LHSAA registered athletes only) 

Awards following the conclusion of the JV race

Directions -Enter City Park from Marconi Drive and turn right onto Harrison Avenue. The staging area (registration/scoring) is along Diagonal Rd. Parking is allowed only on Diagonal Rd. or Harrison Ave. on the west side of Diagonal Rd. (Please do not park on Harrison Ave. on the east side of Diagonal Rd.)

Athletes, remember to stay hydrated so that you will be able to run your best on Saturday.  Please make sure that you get ample sleep throughout the week and eat a good meal Friday night as well.

The Coaching Staff

Welcome to the Home of Parkview Baptist School

Welcome to the Home of Parkview Baptist School

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